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Imagine the possibilities if your database was truly a vehicle to deepen relationships with your organization’s donors

The problem is many databases just plain suck.

They get in the way of donor relationships because of unreliable data, difficult processes, and rigid technology.

But there is hope!

Your database does not have to suck. It can enable your organization to connect with givers in new and more meaningful ways. It can provide a greater understanding of how to engage your donors more personally. And your database can serve to grow your fundraising efforts—and not get in the way. 

That’s why created the e-book—“Everyone’s Database Sucks… But it Doesn’t Have to”—with our friends at Virtuous. 

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In this e-book, we will uncover the four reasons why everyone’s database sucks:

  • Perception

    Frequently people are confused about what it is and what it does.

  • People

    Without people in the right places doing the right things, your database likely sucks.

  • Process

    Setting your organization up for success involves not just what you do or who is doing it but also how you do it.

  • Platform

    Not all databases are created equal. Not all organizational needs are the same. Having the correct tool for the job is vital.

We will also provide some practical guidance on how you can use your database to provide data-rich insights so your team can focus on stewarding donors and moving your mission forward.

About Virtuous

Virtuous exists to move the needle on global generosity by helping nonprofits better connect with and inspire their supporters.

Virtuous is more than just a CRM. It’s a responsive fundraising platform designed to help nonprofit teams create responsive donor experiences that improve retention and increase impact at scale. Virtuous unifies fundraising, marketing, and donor development activities, rids teams of redundant back-office tasks, and reveals the insights needed to deliver dynamic campaigns—all in one place.


About American Philanthropic

American Philanthropic exists to promote the art of civil association by helping philanthropists, charitable foundations, and nonprofit organizations grow and flourish through practical guidance, strategic analysis, and no-nonsense consultation. 

Rather than peddling secret methods or promising fast results, American Philanthropic focuses on what matters—doing the right things, the right way, consistently over time.