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Looking for more thinking, conversation, and community and philanthropy and fundraising? Check out these in-person and virtual events.



Don’t miss Philanthropy Daily’s Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising webinar series, hosted by Austin Detwiler, where guests partake in panel discussions with nonprofit leaders on various development topics, including major gifts, direct mail, foundations, capital campaigns, branding, digital marketing, strategic planning, data analytics, and much more.

You might also enjoy the Center for Civil Society’s Givers, Doers, & Thinkers webinar series hosted by Jack Fowler, the Center’s director. He covers a host of topics focused on the “why” behind philanthropy and the best ways for givers to strengthen American civil society through their generosity.


Scotch Talks

Get to know the faces behind the work of American Philanthropic. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite libation and pull up a seat to an informal chat with American Philanthropic fundraising experts hosted by principal partner Jeremy Beer. Bring your questions and insights to share with the crew during this casual afternoon chat about philanthropy, fundraising, and society.

Master Classes

In the Trenches is American Philanthropic’s no-nonsense master class series that invites you into trenches of fundraising and teaches you the tactics to raise more money for your organization, in good times and in bad.

Participants are limited to 20. Q&A fosters real interaction. Discussion and disagreement are encouraged. There is ample time for discussion because if we’re going to talk tactics — and that’s the aim of In the Trenches — we need to talk specifics and learn the particular situations in which you find yourself. And this isn’t a 30-minute session while you check your email. This is a three-hour immersion (with a break to check your email, of course). In the Trenches will be anything but boring.


Fundraising Trainings

These intensive fundraising in-person Elements of Fundraising training seminars are designed for new nonprofit development professionals, as well as other nonprofit leaders looking to brush up on the fundamentals of development. This in-person training covers a range of development topics at an introductory level, giving participants a general overview of the foundational principles and essential practices of successful nonprofit fundraising.


The Center for Civil Society hosts day-long, in-person conferences to convene philanthropists and civil society leaders to discuss and develop ways to strengthen American civil society. Our aim is to advance a robust vision for charitable giving that is grounded in the Judeo-Christian understanding of charity, to champion local giving, and to share ideas on how to conserve the natural and cultural goods of our communities and our nation.



The Center for Civil Society's Givers, Doers, & Thinkers Webinars

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American Philanthropic's Scotch Talks

Scotch Talks


Philanthropy Daily's Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising Webinars

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